Life Outside The Box 

In March of 2014, Dennis Guerrero and his business partner opened a gym on Long Island. The pair shared a passion for fitness, a dream of creating a local community of like-minded people and a willingness to take a risk. After almost seven years, hundreds of individuals and entire families alike had experienced and embraced a unique environment that fostered a palpable energy which helped athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their fitness potential. 

Although the dedicated coaches, committed owners and passionate members shared “blood, sweat and tears”, achievements, personal losses, overcame illness and more…there was no way to overcome the financial impact and uncertainty that a global pandemic placed on the small business. 

In March of 2020, COVID19 shut the doors of the gym, as it turned out, never to reopen. The pair took immediate action to lend out every piece of equipment they owned, continued to pay staff and attempted to keep things moving with outdoor classes all with the goal of keeping their membership active and healthy. However, as Summer arrived, it was clear that the uncertainty of the Pandemic left them no choice. The business was closed for good. 

While the doors closed on the physical gym, the ideas and possibilities of something very different took hold. Guerrero carried the confidence developed and reinforced over the years of changing lives, curing a multitude of ailments using the body itself-fueled by proper nutrition he taught his members-as the healing mechanism and the praise of countless athletes. With the winds of digital transformation flying across all industries around the globe, it was time to set off on an entirely new path. Life Outside The Box (LifeOTB) was born. 

LIfeOTB is a totally new business venture and business model. A web site is under development and about to be launched that will provide global access to the world-class programming, coaching and nutritional advice that was core to the success of the physical gym. What was available to only those within a local area, is now available across the world. Guerrero is currently providing virtual coaching to people in; Africa, Europe, South America and The United States. 

Members who used to commute to the gym to train, now break a sweat within the familiar comforts of their own homes. Some workout in decked out garage gyms, or in an open yard, while others move a couch, table or even the family pet to make room to get their daily health in. Regardless of the logistics of their individual home setting, all members of the LifeOTB community share those special ingredients for a successful health journey…quality coaching, expert programming and the community that bonds all to pull everyone up to their optimum, personal potential.  

If you root for small businesses, this is an easy one to cheer for as not even a global pandemic could put out the fire within this special health coach and the passion to bring optimal health to all.